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Apart from methods, tools and techniques the 14 chapters cover a wide range of subject matter including flowers, animals, people and buildings. Also how to paint the sky and the sea, fruit and vegetables and subjects on the beach. What to take with you when travelling with watercolours and how to find unusual subjects by taking a closer look. A chapter about painting watercolours in large formats covers  important things to consider before starting. The book also dedicates a few pages to mistakes and how to avoid them or correct them when things went wrong anyway.
Finally there are some hints and words of adv
ice about how to look after your finished work.

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This ebook in PDF format is primarily written for those who have worked with this medium for some time. Here you will find inspiration for a more advanced and different approach in addition to tips and ideas, practical advice and instruction.

“Watercolour in detail” has 106 pages with 224 illustrations.

The pdf book works on any computer. For iPad just download to your computer first, then transfer it using iTunes.